A cookbook for single sources of Atlassian truth

Welcome to our white paper interpretation.

We’re tired of the classic 20-page-long white papers. Instead, we’ve decided to create a cookbook.
Companies deal with multiple applications and data sources that undermine the Atlassian stack as a central hub for team collaboration.
Here you can find practical recipes, all with the goal of letting you bake your own single source of Atlassian truth.
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  • Provisioning
  • Authentication
  • Access & Permissions
  • Profile Information
  • Automations

How do I add my users?

Nothing gets done before Atlassian accounts are handed out to users.
Account provisioning cannot be approached as a manual chore. Most modern solutions connect to a central Identity Provider to generate & deactivate accounts in connected applications in a timely fashion with near 0 administrative effort.

Can I get rid of passwords?

Forgotten passwords disrupt businesses. Any modern approach to authentication into Atlassian applications must build a Single Sign-On approach to provide a password-less user experience.

Who gets to do what?

Permissions change with function, job title, and seniority.

Rather than adjusting roles manually in the local Atlassian application, admins must create automated flows to assign users to the groups that provide them with the right scope of work.

Who’s who?

Scattered user information is difficult to maintain and operationalize.
Centralized user profiles can be synchronized with the Atlassian applications to ensure always up to date and relevant data while eliminating manual input.

Can we automate it?

Modern ITSM must minimize manual work.

The seamless flow of users and user data from a central Identity Provider multiplies productivity and enables integrations between Atlassian applications, Marketplace apps, and third-party products.

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