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A new era of HubSpot and Atlassian

Get HubSpot at a fraction of the cost – with HubSpot for Confluence the whole team, even those without HubSpot licenses, can access your HubSpot Contacts, Companies, and Deals within Confluence.

We constantly update the app to improve the overall user experience, and with that, we are launching another new version of HubSpot for Confluence on Tuesday, 28 June.

You can expect a more powerful experience with features such as:

  • Unlimited amount of imports for objects (Contacts, Companies, and Deals).
  • Advanced and custom filtering page: Filter your search results based on rules.
  • Upgraded interface and accessibility, improving overall user experiences.
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Book a FREE demo with us and get an early experience of what is to come with the all-new HubSpot for Confluence, as well as 50% off. PS: We’ll also give you a sneak peek into HubSpot for Jira, a brand new app that we’ll be adding to our App-library soon.
Hubspot and Confluence


Learn how to use HubSpot within Confluence for a more powerful CRM experience by downloading our two latest assets, by downloading these assets you’ll also receive a 50% off discount code.

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