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Integrate your


prototypes in Confluence


Integrate your


prototypes in Confluence

With InVision Embed for Confluence, colleagues can collaborate visually without leaving their team’s wiki.



Why use InVision in  Confluence?

Publish InVision prototypes where teams can actually see them

Sharing InVision prototypes in Confluence amplifies the impact of your visual work, accelerates internal communication and multiplies how much feedback you gather.

Multiple view modes
directly in

Many features available in InVision will be accessible directly in Confluence: add screens, label, filter, and share without navigating to InVision.

Every employee doesn’t
need a InVision

Extend your InVision prototypes to all of your wiki users, even if you only have one InVision account.

Play Video


Publishing InVision on Confluence will change the way your company shares and gets feedback.

Multiple Ways to Share

Control how your Confluence users interact with
the embedded InVision prototypes

Play Mode

Navigate freely through the screens.

Comment Mode

Leave comments directly on screens.

Inspect Mode

Sketch and Photoshop files will show specs of individual elements.



How it works

Usable for every user in seconds


Share your InVision content


Use smart link, slash-command or macro menu to embed your content


Customize the sizing of your view

Enjoy your shared InVision content in Confluence

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Introducing InVision for Confluence

Invision Embed for Confluence

We are happy to announce that we have just launched InVision for Confluence, an integration that fully embeds the popular design collaboration app into Confluence:

About InVision

Invision app logo

InVision is a design planning and prototyping tool that allows teams to collaborate around stunning visual experiences. Note that the app is great for uploading completed designs that are created with different tools like Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD.

Why use InVision

Keep all feedback in one place

You’ve been there. A designer shares a design via email, and then the answers start pouring in: in different emails from different people, as a shared note, in telephone follow-ups…

With InVision, every comment is placed in its exact design context. Nobody has to waste time referencing which part of the design they are talking about or collecting comments from various sources.

Real User Flow

Screen flow in Confluence Cloud

Don’t imagine the user flow or try to reconstruct it with arrows and options. Now reviewers can experience the actual flow from one screen to the next in navigable sequences.

Advantages of integrating InVision into Confluence

Full UI integration

Experience a fully usable InVision app directly from Confluence.

Collaborate with developers in their favorite documentation platform

Developers are already on Confluence. Getting them on your design can be as easy as dropping a mention to the Confluence user in the page where you have embedded the screens.

Bonus tip: InVision for Confluence supports the inspect mode, which is designed for devs and uses the dark colors loved by our technical colleagues.

inspect mode of InVision embedded in Confluence

Expand the reach of your designs to the broader team

An InVision website map embedded in Confluence

Typically, once the designer uploads the content, InVision is used by a small number of reviewers. After all, there’s still a bit of friction when you think of the review of an isolated task that interrupts the daily routine of a colleague.

You can lower the barrier to entry to additional user feedback if the designs can easily be found in a system that every colleague is already using for looking up information and collaborating on knowledge.

And perhaps critical feedback can arrive before effort is placed on a task that will not be approved at a later stage!

Collaborative designs in freehand

InVision mockup embedded in Confluence Cloud

How often have you wished that you could draw in freehand from Confluence? InVision now includes an infinite canvas that really comes close to Miro, and you can do great stuff like this:

Make remote work more fun

Run a workshop and think out of the box from Confluence with a collaborative and visual experience. You might come much closer than you would think to the old times of face to face workshops!

workshop facilitation with InVision

How to integrate InVision with Confluence

Start to embed InVision in Confluence Cloud! You simply need to:

Would you like to do more?

Integration with other sources of data? Interactive reports and data filtering, directly from Confluence? These are just random ideas, but we’d like to know what you think.

If you would like to do more with with this app, let us know your thoughts! We’d like to know how we can improve this integration further.

It’s time to embed!

If you want to transform Confluence into the ultimate platform where all teams can watch their organization’s work unfold, you may want to also check out these apps:

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