• Isaiah Pegues

Creating A Great App

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

"that world changing app idea with billion dollar potential"

They say great app ideas are not even ideas—they’re solutions. Ok, so “they” is really me, and that beacon of wisdom and truth came from lengthy and expensive  trial and error. 

You all know what I’m talking about: that world changing app you created with billion dollar potential.

Except, no one actually needed it. 

Case and Point: I once created an app called ‘Find Chicken and Waffles” that did exactly what you would expect. As revolutionary as I thought it was, the world disagreed and painstakingly submitted a one word response: Yelp

But as “they” say, failure is a stepping stone to success

Here at resolution we never search for ideas but rather the problems or gaps within existing products.

Honestly speaking, search is a bit of a white-lie because every single one of our apps came from our greatest asset and most reliable source of inspiration: our customers.

Exhibit A:

Above is a ticket we received from one of our customers and as talented and diverse of a team we are, Japanese is not in our repertoire. 

This gave us the idea for Language Translation for Jira Service Desk. 

If you’re anything like us with 4.5M end users in over 50 different countries (shameless self promotion), there’s bound to be a few instances like this.

Our Language Translations app fills the void in our Service Desk; it automatically translates issues, comments and customer requests.

Not only that, but you can also create language specific queues that match and order tickets based on the fluency of the JSD agent. 


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