• Julie Gums

Does our Jira ADFS SAML plugin allow multiple Identity Providers at once?

Updated: Aug 6


Does our Jira ADFS SAML plugin allow multiple identity providers at once?

Short answer

Yes you can have multiple Identity Providers with our Jira ADFS SAML plugin.

What is the problem?

Once you configure multiple Identity Providers one of the challenges is that we have to redirect the users to one of those identity providers before we know who the user is. Our plugin has multiple solutions to know which users has to be connected to which Identity Provider. Identity Provider selection page is the most common way.

How can I use multiple Identity Providers with IdP Selection Page?

If the "IdP Selection Page" is selected as the IdP Selection Method, this will present the users a page, where they can choose the desired IdP to log in with or to log in with nosso using their local usernames/passwords. The IdP Selection Page's template could be modified as per your needs, from the Page Template tab, where you can also remove the part of having the option to log in with local username and password. If the user has logged out and re-logged in, they will be presented again with the IdP Selection Page, but their last IdP option would be preserved, and by default, they would be logged in again using the same IdP after 3 seconds. The "3 seconds" duration is adjustable through the IdP Selection Page template, and you could even remove it to disable the auto-forward to the same IdP.


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