• Julie Gums

#QOTW: How to disable the standard login form in a Single Sign-On setup?

Updated: Jun 16

Our plugin redirects unauthenticated users to the identity provider instead of showing the login page. You can still reach the traditional login page by ?nosso to the traditional login URL.

This is often used to allow login with a local user (e.g., local admin accounts, a few third-party contractors). If you want to disable that function, then uncheck the parameter “enable nosso”. It means you could still authenticate with a local user, for example, via the basic authentication on the REST API (

If your goal is to disable traditional username/password authentication entirely, this is possible too with the "Deny Password Authenticator”. This authenticator completely blocks all username/password access authentication to your Atlassian Jira/Confluence/Bamboo/Bitbucket. There is also the possibility to exempt some people from that by putting them in group “allow-password-login.”


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