• Julie Gums

Is it possible to use the Confluence User Sync feature to pull in all users from OneLogin?

Updated: Jul 17


Can I pull in all users from OneLogin into Confluence?

What's the problem?

After setting up SAML SSO for Confluence, there are many users on OneLogin that don't have a matching user in Confluence.

Short Answer

Yes, this is possible.

How to sync users in Confluence with OneLogin

The User Sync feature in resolution's SAML SSO for Confluence uses the API from OneLogin to retrieve all the user and group information. 

With this approach you can benefit from certain features:

  • Synchronize every user in OneLogin and pull them into Confluence

  • Synchronize only some users from OneLogin to Confluence

  • Apply filters

  • Change user names around with regular expressions

  • And other advanced features (keep reading in the knowledge base).

To manage which users should be synchronized from OneLogin to Confluence:

  • In OneLogin, add a group to the users you want to sync

  • use the "Required Group" feature from SAML Single Sign On for Confluence

  • Only the users that belong to this group will be synced to your Confluence.

Not using resolution's SAML SSO for Confluence? Try the User & Group Sync for Confluence standalone app.


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