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Why should I use our SAML SSO plugin for Atlassian's Jira, Confluence & Co. instead of Microsoft?

Updated: Aug 10


Why should I use our SAML SSO plugin instead of Microsoft?

Microsoft SSO Vs. Re:solution SAML Single Sign-On

The Microsoft SSO plugin does only authentication. With our SAML Single Sign-On plugin you get more enterprise level functionality.

The key feature of our plugin is that you can synchronize users from Azure AD into Atlassian applications. As one of the most important question in those environment is how to get user records into the application in the first place, we included a synchronization of the user directory.

Furthermore is the Microsoft plugin free of charge, ours not. But with our solution you get an enterprise level support, we are also part of the Atlassian Bug Bounty Program. That means our plugin is regularly examined by security researchers and have therefore a high security value.

Features SAML SSO resolution

  • Easy configuration via wizard

  • Powerful tools for troubleshooting problems with SAML SSO authentication

  • Users can be created and updated on-the-fly with data from SAML attributes (Just-In-Time user provisioning)

  • Support for multiple IdPs, signing SAML-requests, encrypted SAML-responses

  • Customizable page templates for IdP selection-, error- and logout page

  • Supports configuration via Meta Data import 

  • Atlassian Data Center certified

  • Authenticate Jira Service Desk customers via SAML SSO

Learn more about our SAML SSO solution.


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