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We have more info about the Atlassian user in Azure AD, can we sync this with our User Sync plugin?


We have more info about the Atlassian user in Azure AD, can we sync this with our User Sync plugin?

Short answer

Yes it is possible to sync those information with User Sync.

How to sync the user information with User Sync

A lot of our customers have a lot more information on their Identity Provider and generally we have access to them. Therefore it is possible to sync those information from the IdP to the Atlassian product. You have to think about where do you want to store them. In Jira there is not much information that can be stored in the user profile. On Confluence you have more information, like mobile number, office location, etc. You can create an unlimited amount of what's called "User Property Fields" and then you write that information into those fields. You just need to create mappings in our advanced settings of the connector. Those local User Property Fields are generally not shown to the user. You can use them in scripts and there are other plugins that can use those information or you can display it.


To configure your User Sync connector to synchronize fields from the user's profile of your cloud provider, do the following:

  1. Step Access The Settings

  2. Go to the User Sync settings and click Edit for the connector you want to modify

  3. Then scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings.

  4. Step Add An Attribute

  5. Once in the advanced settings, scroll down to the Attribute Mapping and add a new entry to the table.

  6. Map the attribute * look in our Setup Guide for the attribute applications for Jira and Confluence.

  7. Step Save The Settings

  8. Save the connector settings.

  9. Step 4: Trigger The Sync There are three options to trigger the synchronization:

  10. Updating a single user,

  11. Starting a full sync

  12. Waiting for the next scheduled sync.

Limitations Not all fields in an IdP user profile might be supported, for instance the manager field in Azure AD isn't.


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