Canva Embed for Confluence Brings Design
and Collaboration Together

Canva means design for everyone, but you still need to make sure your brand doesn’t go off limits. Publish Canva in Confluence to enhance design collaboration!

About Canva

…and finally, Adobe Illustrator was disrupted. Canva has become the standard for creating visuals without complex design tools. And often times, without a designer background.

Posters, social media images, presentations, banners… As more and more people start using Canva for creating what they need on the spot, the risk of creating poor designs increases. You never know how many horrors the brand police will find!

How to use Canva to improve hand-offs between marketing and design

Hand-offs between marketers and designers can kill productivity. Designers always have too many tasks on their plate, making it real hard to align marketing activities with the company goals. And a lot of companies don’t even have a full-time designer on their team!

Canva does a lot of good towards solving this bottleneck. Designers can create graphics very quickly. And non-designers can also create images without waiting for professionals – which means that teams can move ahead without asking for a budget to outsource the designs for their next campaign.

So, are you experiencing the famous design bottleneck? Is your designer the most stressed person in the team? Perhaps Canva can give you a hand. But before you start a chaotic design factory, take into account these recommendations:

Assign large and sensitive projects to designers. Delegate smaller tasks

Canva is a swiss army, but it’s not fit for more specialized design tasks. Don’t try to design a logo, create icons, or make professional photo edits. Leave those tasks for the designers. Delegate the small things where it’s difficult to blow it.

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Create templates and scale

In life and in communication, consistency is key. What we’ve seen work at resolution is asking our designer for a template on Canva that our team can then iterate on and repurpose. That combination gives you the looks of a professionally curated brand with the speed of a blitz attack.

Control Canva with a strong review process

It’s critical to control who is using Canva and what they’re doing. Otherwise, you can end up publishing social media posts that make more harm than good. Sending a confusing message is typical when you have confusing visuals.

And a great way to have transparency over how Canva is being used, is to embed the designs in Confluence.

5 Benefits of embedding Canva into Confluence

  1. Parallel design. Embedding Canva into Confluence provides a collaborative environment where multiple people can work on the same design at the same time. The owner creates, the team offers feedback.
  2. Better design ownership. When everything is shared by default, there will be more honest conversations about how design should be used to communicate the brand values and the products’ mission. As a result, designers will be more empowered and will better understand the impact of their role.
  3. Easier collaboration between designers, developers, and marketers. It’s easier to have a seat at the same table when nobody keeps secrets. The design hand-off can extend to developers, both for website and product design. In fact, there are dozens of tutorials on YouTube on creating mockups and wireframes with Canva!
  4. Share in seconds. The embedding process from start-to-finish takes only seconds so you don’t have to worry about wasting any time trying out new capabilities or waiting for approval from other members of your team before moving forward with a project.
  5. Stop the version control nightmare. Next iterations are loaded in real time, making design much more iterative and agile, and less siloed.

How to Embed Canva in Confluence

Canva Embed for Confluence allows to seamlessly publish Canva designs into Confluence.

  • Publish always up to date designs in Confluence
  • Gather faster feedback from Confluence without creating extra accounts in Canva
  • Enforce proper review processes for approving your Canva designs.

To start embedding your Canva images into your marketing team Confluence space, simply:

  • Follow the instructions in the Getting Started Page.
  • Type /Canva and drop the asset link
  • Hit publish, and wait for the constructive feedback!

Would you like to do more?

Would you like to create and publish designs directly from Canva? Integrate with other design tools? These are just random ideas, but we’d like to know what you think.

If you would like to do more with Canva directly from Confluence, let us know your thoughts! We’re actively collecting customer feedback to develop this integration further and make Confluence much more than a knowledge management platform.