SurveyMonkey for Confluence:
Boost engagement and share insights from Atlassian’s wiki

SurveyMonkey for Confluence

We are happy to announce that we have just launched SurveyMonkey for Confluence, an integration that makes it much easier to gather cross-functional feedback and share and curate insights generated with SurveyMonkey polls.

With this new app for Confluence cloud, it’s possible to:

  • Publish forms that individual Confluence users can fill and submit
  • Publish complete survey results

About SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is the leading online survey platform, with a robust engine for building any type of surveys that can easily be shared, and powerful reporting.

Why use SurveyMonkey

Templates for any use case

Would you like to know what visitors think of your feedback? Get a NPS score from your customers? Do market research? Or survey the satisfaction of your employees?

Among many other advantages, SurveyMonkey offers dozens of templates that you can refine further or share as they are. It’s easier to be a research expert.

Customize anything

But if you have a very specific research idea, nothing will stop you from creating exactly the questionnaire that you need.

Find your audience

Getting responses is often times the most difficult part in doing survey research. Cutting through the noise and getting people to engage and put their time into your questions requires more than upfront work.

That’s why SurveyMonkey Audience is a very popular product that ensures you get the responses that you need from the exact audience you’re targeting.


Obviously, reporting is another great asset. Cross-tabulating, filtering, benchmarking… even sentiment analysis is possible when you’re using SurveyMonkey.

Use Confluence to organize and structure

So what do you do with the results of your survey? Publishing them in your intranet is a great way to curate that valuable content and keep everyone informed.

Advantages of integrating SurveyMonkey into Confluence

Gather feedback from Confluence

If your audience is inside your company, publishing a survey form to collect responses directly from Confluence can be a very good way to garner engagement. After all, you will be able to situate the survey in the right context and it’s easier for people to find it without having the exact link at hand.

Obviously, this also applies to public Confluence pages and anonymous responses. If you have traffic to your documentation, this might be a place to consider.

Share live survey results

You’ve seen reports shared as galleries of still images. But what if you’re still gathering data? SurveyMonkey for Confluence ensures that the survey results are always current.

What some of our customers do is place the survey form and the results in the same page. Seeing how many people already responded and the preliminary statistics is a good way to encourage participation: nobody wants to miss out on a hot topic.

Extend collaboration to every Confluence user SurveyMonkey is not the kind of tool that teams spend their time on. It’s a very specific platform for research professionals. But there’s a benefit in exposing it to the much vaster audience of Confluence user. You can get faster feedback on the design of a survey, increase the number of responses, or generate a wider debate about strategy based on the data that has been collected.

How to integrate SurveyMonkey with Confluence

To share SurveyMonkey for Confluence, you simply need to:

  • Follow the instructions in the Getting Started page. They vary depending on whether you want to share a form or a report.

Would you like to do more?

  • Paste it into your Confluence page. But you can also use the /surveymonkey command or find the app in the macro menu, if that’s easy for you.
  • Hit publish, and enjoy!

Feedback templates? Creating the survey directly from Confluence? Integration with other sources of data? Interactive reports and data filtering? These are just random ideas, but we’d like to know what you think.

If you would like to do more with SurveyMonkey directly from Confluence, let us know your thoughts! We’re actively collecting customer feedback to develop this integration further and make Confluence much more than a knowledge management platform.