Shield your Atlassian applications from unauthenticated traffic.

You’re already using AWS Application Load Balancers.

Allow your AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) to be the gatekeeper between your users and Atlassian Data Center and Server apps.

Single Sign On authenticate like the fortune 500

AWS ALB Authentication Product Guide

Getting Started with AWS ALB

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Debugging authentication errors

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Global entry for your trusted users

Our AWS ALB Authentication app works like a visa exemption program.

Your authenticated users will not have to demonstrate their credentials again when they reach the Atlassian application: they will be logged in automatically using the information the ALB received from the IdP.
1 Getting to the Airport
When unauthenticated users try to access your Jira instance, they first need to pass through the Application Load Balancer.
2 Customs Security Check
Before being able to fly to their destination, travelers at the Load Balancer need to go through customs (the IdP).
3 The Flight
When customs gives the green light, the traveler can onboard the plane and leave for their destination.
4 Customs… Again?
Without our AWS ALB Authentication app, visitors have to wait in a long line to show their passport again after they reach the destination airport.
5 Visa Exemption Program
With our app, travelers can skip the line and travel directly to wherever they want to be in Jira country.

Authenticate & Sync:
Enforce a Single Source of Identity

The AWS ALB authentication does not update or create new users.

Add resolution’s User Sync for accurate user provisioning and access management. At all times.
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