Out of Office

Don’t make them wait.

Automate handovers when users are out of office.

Customers and stakeholders are impatient.
Make progress while team members disconnect with automated handovers to available coverers.

Out Of Office

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Absences won’t be blockers

Reassign to coverers

Don’t slow down when a team member is away.

Out of Office rules can automatically reassign their issues and approvals!

Cross-project user list

Who is available?

Managers, project leads and colleagues can check who is out of office before planning and assigning work.


Power up your team dynamics with
Out of Office Assistant for Jira Cloud

Capacity reporting

OoO fields for JQL

Create intuitive gadgets to see how issues are being reassigned and how leaves are impacting your productivity

Take a break from Jira

Guilt-free vacation management

Feeling confident about taking time off is
a few clicks away.

Setup your Jira vacation responder, let your colleagues cover your back, and enjoy your vacation!

Illustration of various productivity and communication app icons including Google Calendar, Slack, Outlook, and a palm tree icon representing vacation or out-of-office status, interconnected with arrows, suggesting integration through Zapier.

Plan from your Calendar

Integrate with your apps

No need to create your rules from Jira!

Run Out of Office from Slack, Outlook, or Google Calendar, automate with Zapier, and integrate with leading apps for Jira like Tempo.

Or build your custom integration with our REST API.

The Handover Shop

Out of Office today is about automating handovers and speeding up delivery.
Don’t miss out on all our tips and best practices!

Out of Office rules

Define Out of Office rules. As many as you need.

Out of Office messages

Share your status with a comment in every issue assigned during your absence.


Let’s discuss how Out of Office for Jira
can make your team go faster

User Administration

Build gadgets, reports, and issue filters to track the impact of leaves and ooo reassignments

Capacity Reporting

Build gadgets, reports, and issue filters to track the impact of leaves and ooo reassignments

Issue Glance

See when an assignee is Out of Office and when they will be back

Mention tags

Trigger warnings of upcoming and current absences when users are mentioned in Jira

API for developers

Connect to any third party platform with REST API Tokens

Get Started with Out of Office Assistant

Getting Started


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Discover Advanced Features, JQL reporting, and a lot more…


Connect Jira

Your Out of Office events are only as good as your data. Connect your external calendars!

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