Authenticate like
the Fortune 500

Ensure secure access to Atlassian Server or Data Center apps from wherever your users are working. SAML SSO is designed for enterprise user management and scalability. 

Single Sign On authenticate like the fortune 500

SAML Single Sign-On Overview

Here’s how our SAML SSO app works:

Connect Atlassian to any Identity Provider​


Connect Atlassian to any identity provider

From the popular identity behemoths to industry-specific vendors and custom identity sources: resolution connects more Identity Providers than anybody else –even simultaneously.


Flexible, automatic user provisioning

Secure. User. Access.

Managing thousands of users manually is just inhumane and insecure. Automate user on- and offboarding and ensure the right access for every user. Synchronization is king queen.
Automate user on- and offboarding
Custom access management flows​
Custom access management flows​

Custom access management flows

Niche use case? No prob!

Nobody else knows the puzzle of your identity infrastructure better than you. Customize your configuration with endless options, like combining user provisioning methods, automating with our full REST API, or even deciding exactly when to initiate or bypass SSO. You put the pieces together, you decide.

Advanced attribute mapping & transformations

Make your users feel at home the office

Bringing every piece of relevant information from the IdP will reduce adoption barriers and give granular access to Jira projects and Confluence spaces.

Permission(s) granted —even from your couch.

Advanced attribute mapping & transformations​
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