User & Groups Sync

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Sync to the beat of your Identity Provider

Automated user provisioning and group management from your cloud IdP.

Managing thousands of users manually is just inhumane and insecure. Automate user management from onboarding to offboarding in addition to your single sign-on solution.

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Emancipate user provisioning from the login process

Scheduled provisioning

Emancipate user provisioning from the login process

Employee on- and offboarding is independent from the login process. Synchronizations will make your Atlassian directories 100% accurate.


User Deactivation​

Optimal license utilization

Up to 20% of your users are no longer active, but you’re paying for their seats. Cleanup inactive users to avoid unnecessary upgrades of your Atlassian applications.
User deactivation - Optimal license utilization
Automatic user management

Automatic User Management

Free time for the work that matters

Eliminate manual work in the creation, update and deletion of users and passwords.

Do not touch the Jira user database. Ever. Again.

Integrate User Data

Whatever you’d like to know about your users can be in Jira

Show useful data from the IdP in the Atlassian UI

  • telephone
  • office
  • supervisor
  • active projects…
  • Play Video about Integrate User Data from your idp
    Advanced attribute mapping & transformations

    Advanced attribute mapping & transformations

    Enforce a single source of truth. Or sync multiple IdPs

    IdP synchronization reduces adoption barriers and gives granular access to Jira projects and Confluence spaces.

    Permission(s) granted —even from your couch.