Optimize Workflows that Boosts Your Team’s Productivity

Task Egg Timer

Start eliminating bottlenecks and boost
your team’s productivity within Jira by tracking your issues’ time in status.

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Check out the Benefits

Data Driver Decision-Making

Detailed time in status analytics enables managers to make informed decisions to optimize team performance & project timelines.

Better Resource Allocation

Understanding time expenditure across different statuses allows for more efficient resource allocation & workload balancing.

Improved Project Visibility

Gain clear insights into how much time issues spend in each status, helping to identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the workflow.

Enhanced Productivity

By identifying workflow bottlenecks, teams can streamline processes, reduce cycle times, & improve productivity.

Increased Accountability

Teams can track time spent on specific tasks more accurately, promoting accountability among team members.

Historical Data Analysis

Analyze historical data to identify trends, forecast future project timelines, & make informed planning decisions.

Crack down on bottlenecks

Enable productivity by
streamlining your workflow


Check out the Features

Measure Time in Status

Track the time each issue spends
in every status.

SLA Management

Set and monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based
on the time issues spent in specific statuses, ensuring
timely delivery.

Track Project-Specific Issue Types

Select the specific Jira issue types that will require time-tracking within the project.

Measure your Time in Status

Identify bottlenecks before they
impact your team’s productivity.

Define a Timer Type

Choose between two different timer types, based on the overall goal or objective of the project:

  • Stopwatch: Ideal for Tracking the overall
    time in status of each issue
  • Countdown: Perfect for measuring project deadlines

Responsive Time Measuring

Define trigger points
for workflows

  • Time in Status: Measures how long an issue stays in a particular status or stage within its workflow
  • Cycle Time: The amount of time an issue spends in the active working process
  • Lead Time: The total time from when a task is created to when it is fully completed

Give the Team a Break

Select a status within the workflow on which the issue time tracking can be paused.

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