AWS ALB Authentication Authenticate with AWS

AWS Authentication Logo
Prevent unauthorized traffic from reaching your Data Center

Shield your Atlassian applications from unauthenticated traffic.

You’re already using AWS Application Load Balancers.

Allow your AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) to be the gatekeeper between your users and Atlassian Data Center and Server apps

Single Sign On authenticate like the fortune 500

Data Center infrastructure

Leverage your AWS infrastructure

If you move your Jira and Confluence to AWS, you can set up your existing ALB for authentication.

* AWS ALB Authentication for Jira and Confluence is officially Data Center approved, get it on the Marketplace now!

Seamless Authentication

Only one login for Jira and Confluence

Remove the second authentication step behind
the load balancer.
Combine a Single Sign-On flow with the maximum security of AWS authentication.


Automate User Provisioning

Aws now including usersync

Synchronize User Directories


Your Source of Identity

Authenticate and sync against any identity provider

Connect your Jira and Confluence users with OIDC or use Amazon Cognito user pools for SAML-based authentication and user management.

Invulnerable Atlassian applications

Make your Atlassian application impenetrable

Block all traffic from unauthenticated users.

Optimal license utilization

Manage your users proactively

Optimal license utilization

Disable inactive users to avoid unnecessary upgrades of your Atlassian applications.