Integrate your

boards into Jira

Integrate your

boards into Jira

Embed for Jira can help your company to combine silo’d workflows to increase collaboration and efficiency.


Check out the Benefits

User Adoption

User excel at adopting their individual platforms by having access to complete data, without being gated.

Stay Informed

Calendars, charts, timelines, boards and items. Make your live operations part of your workflows.

Mitigate License Costs

Keep everyone on the same page across teams and departments with a reasonable license count.

Complete Access

Allow users to engage with other teams’ platforms in a whole new way.

Cross Collaboration

Having a two-way sync between and Jira enables teams to work closer together and accelerates internal communication.

Keep Data Safe

Create a connection between and Jira where permissions are adjusted for an extra level of security.


Check out the Features

Access to boards and items

Embed boards and items into Jira issues or link Jira issues to items.

Interact with Jira issues in

Create or edit Jira issues from the item view.

Cross-platform communication and Jira users can communicate with one another on specific items and issues by using the comments.

Play Video about Connect Teams across Jira and


Publishing on Jira will change the way your company shares and gets feedback.

Customize your tables

Decide how you consume data in Jira by customizing the column views.

Define user permissions

Determine who has access to the data by setting up user group permissions for an extra layer of security.

Be Notified

In-app notifications are triggered for each platform based on new data connections between Jira issues and items, as well as new comments.

How it works

Usable for every user in seconds


Share your content.


Use smart link, slash-command or macro menu to embed your content.


Engage with data across Jira and for a collaborative experience.

Get started today
Download the for Jira App from the Atlassian Marketplace to start your evaluation. To discuss specific requirements, please book a support session with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, multiple boards, as well as multiple items can be linked to a single Jira issue.
Updates are reflected in real-time, as long as they are saved, they will automatically update within Jira as well.
The integration aims to provide seamless collaboration between and Jira Cloud by allowing users to publish items and boards in Jira Cloud, facilitating cross-team communication and keeping stakeholders updated.
Yes, new Jira issues can be created within, or existing issues can be linked to items from within
Once the table is embedded, click the “Pencil” icon in the panel, and click on the “x” next to the column name to remove columns. Click on the dropdown to see new columns that are available to add.
Yes, cross-platform communication via comments is possible and can be viewed in both Jira and
Yes, embedded boards and items in Jira are viewable to Jira users, enhancing collaboration even if they do not have a account.
Yes, you can embed Charts within Jira to provide insights and analytics directly, aiding in performance tracking and decision-making.
No, Jira users only have view/read permissions when accessing embedded boards within Jira.
Yes, user permissions can be defined during the setup process of for Jira app.

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