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Agile Feedback that Takes Your Team Further

Improve your collaboration culture with standup meeting feedback streams that live right in Jira.



Check out the Benefits

Keep It Short And Valuable

Drop the chattiness, stick to what’s relevant and have concise dailies – even within larger teams.

Streamline Async & Sync comms

Combine written updates and live feedback for increased focus and participation.

Align Your Team With Jira

Pick your work in Jira from the smart panel —or create new issues without leaving NASA.

Consolidate Feedback

Store updates as comments in your Jira issues and remove double maintenance.

Diverse & Equal Scrums

Ensure diverse feedback with equal participation from all. No voice is too soft or too loud.

Gauge Team Morale

Encourage your team and leadership to practice empathy every day.

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Check out the Features

The facilitation app for Scrum Masters

Start meetings, steer everyone’s attention, and make sure everyone gets some air time.
  • Turn-based screen control
  • Timed updates
  • Customizable questions

Team Journal

Overview of the entire team progress. Great for managers, stakeholders and participants who couldn’t make it!

  • Progress metrics
  • Participation rate
  • Summary of items flagged for follow-up
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Revolutionize Your Standup Meetings with NASA

Say hello to structured, efficient standups that keep your team on track. Discover how to transform your daily meetings and get ready to launch your team’s success to new heights!

Settings to run meetings your way

NASA doesn’t have an opinion of how you should run your meetings.

Your team, your best practices:
  • Pick a Jira board as the source of work
  • Display issues based on pretty much anything
  • Define meeting frequency and length
  • Appoint participants and Scrum Master roles

One app, multiple teams, countless flows

Support agile rituals like daily standups and sprint retros

Also for yearly reviews, 1:1s, etc.
  • Multiple meeting streams
  • Custom frequency, team, & questions
  • Document up to 30 meetings per stream

Flag for follow-up

Flag any item with one click and take it offline

  • Team Journal contains every flag raised during the meeting
  • Click on issue keys to jump into the details

Suggested issues

Give faster updates clicking through suggested issues.

Currently supports:
  • JQL Filter
  • Priority
  • Issue Type
  • Status

Emotional engagement

Make meetings more engaging with visual mood updates and reactions

  • React to any participant’s update with emojis
  • Express your overall mood

Deep integration with Jira

Maintain Jira with your update
  • Update issues
  • Add comments to issues
  • Create new issues from standup items

Additional Features

Customizable questions

From the classic 3 daily questions to specific requests for PR reviews.

Connect to any Jira board

So flexible that it even works with Jira Service Management projects in a Jira Software board!

Prepare anytime

Update at the end of your day, 15 minutes before the meeting, or any time in between!

Personal productivity tracker

Get a unified view of all your activity across Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more! (coming soon)

Up to 30 meetings per stream

NASA stores the last 30 meetings of each streams. But you can have as many as you need!

Public Team Journal

Invite managers, product owners, and support engineers to watch team progress.



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Book a time to discuss your specific requirements and
see how NASA can work for you.