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with your Jira Issues

Seamlessly embed HubSpot into Jira Cloud for a more productive environment along with a single source of data across all systems.


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Customer Data Transparency

Give all teams access to customer data by integrating HubSpot objects with Jira issues.

Cross Collaboration

Jira and HubSpot teams are automatically working in harmony, creating ongoing cross-collaboration.

Two-way data sync

Not only do Jira users have access to customer data, but HubSpot users can track the progress of their customers’ Jira issues.

Increase Team Productivity

Save time by not having to duplicate customer information, use HubSpot as your single source of truth and connect that information with Jira.

Improve communication

Enable cross-platform communication by allowing teams to access HubSpot objects within Jira and Jira issues within HubSpot.

Additional Resources

Teams unlock the power of additional resources by having access to one another’s data.


Check out the Features

Embed HubSpot Customer Data in Jira

Allow Jira teams to search and filter through HubSpot data to embed into their issues.

Cross-platform communication

Let Jira and HubSpot teams communicate with one another through Jira issue comments.

Create HubSpot objects from Jira

Teams without access to HubSpot can create HubSpot objects such as Contacts, Companies, Deals and Tickets directly from Jira.

Create Jira issues from HubSpot

Teams without access to Jira are able to create a Jira issue from HubSpot when accessing a Contact, Company, Deal, or Ticket. The issue will automatically be linked to the object from which it was created.

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Publishing HubSpot CRM contacts, companies, and deals will change how your teams collaborate around your existing customer opportunities.


Check out the Features

Realtime data

Experience up-to-date customer information in Jira as data is automatically updated from any affected changes within HubSpot.

Complete Permission Access

Teams can now access and see all of the relevant HubSpot object property data within their Jira issues based on their permissions, as well as customize their views.

4 HubSpot Objects to link to

Link multiple HubSpot Contacts, Companies, Deals, or Tickets to your Jira issues.

Filter through customer data

Jira users searching for specific customer information can filter for the HubSpot data within the Jira search page, without having to embed the data into a Jira issue.

How it works

Embed your single source of customer data in seconds.

How it works

Embed or create your single source of customer data in seconds.


Connect your HubSpot account to Jira and set the relevant user permissions.

Two-way data sync

Data by Contact, Company, Deal, or Ticket.


HubSpot objects from Jira, or Jira issues from Hubspot


Select existing objects that you want to link to your issue!

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Download the HubSpot for Jira App from the Atlassian Marketplace to start your evaluation. To discuss specific requirements, please book a support session with us.

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