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Understand your user behavior with
Google Analytics for Confluence

Google Analytics for Confluence Overview

Connect Confluence with Google Analytics

Learn what you can immediately do to improve your Confluence performance
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Google Analytics Benefits

Understand user behavior

Know what your users are reading

Some Confluence pages are popular. Some are never visited. Telling them apart will change how you create and maintain content.



Privacy by default

Everyone can see analytics – but specific users are never tracked
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Google Analytics

No more GA

Understand your Google Analytics

Combine the power of Google Analytics, forget about its complexity with one-click reports within Confluence.

Full tutorial

Master reporting

  • Set up Google Analytics for Confluence
  • Start Tracking
  • Multiply impact!
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Google Analytics

Smarter GA

Augmented Google Analytics

Send Confluence events to Google Analytics like created comments, pages etc. and build advanced behavioral insights

Saving time & money

Maximize impact

Guide your optimization & maintenance efforts identifying what content is already popular and which information is being overlooked.
Maximize impact