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With Confluence plugin for Zoom Recordings, colleagues can easily access your recorded meetings, webinars or trainings directly in wiki.

Confluence plugin for Zoom Recordings


Why use Zoom in  Confluence?

Publish Zoom recordings where teams can actually
see them

Sharing Zoom recordings in Confluence makes it easier for teams to access pivotal recorded content, especially when chapters are defined.

Highlight Key
Moments with Chapters

Organizing your recording into an unlimited amount of chapters can be done directly within the Zoom embed menu.

Share Password
Protected Videos

Attach password protected videos onto wiki pages without prompting viewers for passwords that should remain secret!

Play Video about zoom for confluence video overlay


Publishing Zoom Recordings on Confluence will change the way your company shares and gets feedback.

Highlight Key Moments with Chapters

Organize your Zoom trainings, webinars,
or meetings into Chapters.




How it works

Usable for every user in seconds


Find the recording link
within Zoom


Use smart link, slash-command
or macro menu to embed your recording


Define key moments
with Chapters

Amplify your Zoom recordings in Confluence

Get started today

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Confluence Cloud supports most of the main video formats, including mp4, mov, avi, wmv or even webm. In these cases, the videos can be uploaded inline and they will be embedded into the page. For not supported formats like ogg, Confluence will display a thumbnail.
Zoom recordings can be downloaded as mp4 files, and then uploaded to Confluence without the need for any transformation. Confluence Cloud will not need the use of a macro to embed them into the page.

There are two ways to embed Zoom recordings in Confluence cloud. The Confluence Plugin for Zoom Recordings can be used to select a cloud recording that will then be streamed into the Confluence page. The plugin also allows to slice the video into chapters that help viewers navigate to key moments in the video.

Alternatively, the recording can also be downloaded to the user’s local drive as an mp4 file and then uploaded to Confluence.

Recorded meetings can be shared with a link, uploading the recording to YouTube, or on any other platform of your choice.

Confluence is a great way to share recorded Zoom meetings with non-participants. Any recording can be embedded in a page with the Confluence Plugin for Zoom Recordings.

Yes, you will need the Confluence Plugin for Zoom Recordings to bypass the password in shared Zoom recordings. Our plugin has been vetted by Zoom and meets with all their security standards. Rather than requiring to share a password with any external users, the plugin authenticates into Zoom to then stream protected recordings.

We recommend making use of Confluence permissions and page restrictions to secure access to protected videos with bypassed passwords.

In order to embed Zoom recordings directly from the cloud you will need a paid Zoom plan.
A Zoom lecture is a virtual session where the lecturer meets with the students in a Zoom meeting. Lecture recordings are a common asset in blended learning and online learning approaches, as they allow a lecturer to reach a broader audience. At the same time, students can watch the lecture at their own pace.

Instructional videos used for training purposes, and usually focus on showing how to complete a task or follow a process. Instructional videos are a very effective tool for onboarding new employees and can be easily made with Zoom. Simply start a meeting without inviting any participants, start the recording, and go over the instructional content.

This videos can then be embedded into Confluence and published in a page dedicated to educating colleagues around a specific topic.

Loom is designed for sharing quick video messages and has a limitation of 5 minutes per video. On the contrary, Zoom is a tool designed for longer sessions with more participants meeting at the same time. Video presentations longer than 5 minutes can be done with Zoom, but not with Loom.

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