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Our Atlassian partners have been key success drivers to our business.
As such, we are committed to supporting you, and adding value for your customers in the most efficient and economic ways.

Partnership Perks

  • Early Access

    Be the first to access our product development roadmap and beta test our newest features.

  • Enablement Materials

    Access to exclusive sales and technical battlecards, and be well-prepared for customer queries.

  • Pre-sales Consultations

    Add value to your customers by accessing our domain expertise in the pre-sales phase. Be technically accurate. Always.

  • Product Trainings

    Gain in-depth knowledge to our apps through online or face-to-face trainings.

  • Free Licenses

    Get free licences for internal use, to give great demos to your customers, and to try out the latest features.

  • Joint Marketing

    Generate new leads in local markets. Be promoted on our website through our partner listings, blog articles and joint webinars.

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Huyi Lin

Huiyi Lin

Partner & Key Account Manager

Kurfürstendamm 217, 10719 Berlin, Germany

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