Google Analytics for Confluence goes premium, and this is why

Google Analytics for Confluence goes premium, and this is why

Hey there, Confluence admins and content creators! We've got some exciting news: the Google Analytics for Confluence add-on is now a premium plugin. What does that mean for you? It means even more powerful insights into how your users are interacting with your content. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see how your content is performing!

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From free MVP to mature product

Google Analytics for Confluence was launched in 2017 as a free app that did something relatively simple quite well: collect visitor stats in Confluence Cloud and display them in Google Analytics.

Since then, Google Analytics has changed enormously. In the meantime, our app has stayed almost the same. In other words – it has lost value.

At some point, it became apparent that the app was either ready to be archived or entirely overhauled.

We decided for the latter: Add compatibility with GA4. Articulate a roadmap for a user base of over 1,200 customers. Define a pricing structure that is affordable for all while making the product sustainable.

After several months of development, Google Analytics for Confluence 6.0 was released on January 28 2022: an entirely new app under a paid plan.

What will happen to the current free version?

The last free update of Google Analytics for Confluence was launched in November. Existing customers will still be able to access it in the future. However, it will no longer be available on the Atlassian Marketplace, nor will resolution provide maintenance or support.

Both versions of the app will coexist for about three months. Starting on May 4th 2022, only the paid version will be available.

Yes, it’s a drastic change. However, we believe that existing customers will appreciate a much stronger app for a price that is fair and affordable regardless of company size.

To get you hyped up about all the new possibilities, we have prepared these use cases

What’s new in Google Analytics for Confluence

Compatibility with GA4

Google Analytics 4 properties were launched in October 2020 and will exit beta on November 30, 2021. With the main value of unifying web and application analytics, they will be a cornerstone of the new GA experience. Looking into the future, compatibility with GA4 will be an absolute must for many customers.

The new Google Analytics for Confluence is not only compatible with GA4 properties. It also includes a quick connection that automatically sets the API measurement secret.

google analytics 4 measurement secret

Quick setup

No prior Google Analytics experience is needed to set up the application, which can be completed directly on Confluence. In fact, once the app connects to a Google Analytics account, custom dimensions can be created from within the app with the click of a button.

Google Analytics reports in Confluence

Until now, our app could only be accessed from Google Analytics.

With the new version, each and every user can enjoy GA reports inside Confluence. Reports can be loaded for each page individually, for each space, or for the entire instance – it depends on the goal of the analysis!

in-page google analytics report

This is a real game changer. The barrier to access disappears, and everyone can understand user behavior without moving away from Confluence.

For example:

  • Content creators can check whether pieces have an impact and report to management.
  • HR managers can track which announcements have been read the most.
  • And product managers can figure out which features are more popular.

New metrics: comments and searches

Yes, knowing which pages are the most visited is really helpful if you want to have an effective and impactful Confluence. But knowing where users are commenting the most or what your colleagues are searching also gives key insights into what information and knowledge your users need, and what kind of discussions are happening.

Comments exist already as a metric inside Confluence, and searches can be tracked on the Google Analytics side.

Other improvements

There are some additional improvements that make the app quite versatile:

  • Group-based permissions for viewing reports
  • Ability to print reports in PDF
  • All new reports inside Confluence include the ability to select the exact timespan

How to prepare for the upgrade

Remember: From the launch of Google Analytics for Confluence 6.0 in January 31st it will no longer be possible to install a free version of the app on new cloud instances.

All existing customers must upgrade to Google Analytics for Confluence 6.0 on their instances manually.

To encourage the migration to Google Analytics for Confluence 6.0, we offer a 50% discount code to all existing customers. Submit your request over here.

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