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Google Analytics for Confluence

Health diagnostics for
your wiki

Understand your user behavior with
Google Analytics for Confluence

Google Analytics for Confluence Features

Google Analytics in Confluence

No need to go to Google Analytics to measure engagement.

Three levels of analytics for Confluence:

GA4 & Universal Analytics Compatible

Connect either property type by entering your GA4 or UA-ID during the configuration process

Group Permissions

Define which groups have access to Confluence analytics.

High privacy standards:

… Super simple setup, works as expected, really quick replies from developer - great stuff! ...

Confluence Events in Google Analytics

Send Confluence event data to Google Analytics for more robust insights into user behavior.

In-depth analysis by tracking:

Legacy vs. New Version of Google Analytics for Confluence

Legacy Version
New Version
Hosting Options
GA4 Compatible
GA4 Compatible:
Generate your measurement protocol API secret directly on the app
Technical support
Create custom dimensions directly on the app
Google Analytics Reports in Confluence: Instance, Spaces, Pages
Simple, non-technical setup
Print reports directly in the app
Export reports to PDF in the app
Compatible with older versions of Google Analytics
Group permissions for viewing reports
High privacy standards
Timespan selection of data
Configure app settings on dashboard page
Individual “in page” reporting
Tracks Confluence webhooks
Views, viewers, edits, creates, and comments

Create Custom Dimensions

Simply include non-standard data in your reports that Google Analytics does not track automatically.

PDF export or print

Share your analytics outside of your Confluence instance by printing or PDF exporting your reports.

Hashed Privacy Data

The app follows high privacy protection protocols, it is designed to preserve the security of the users ID and personal data.