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User & Groups Sync

Sync to the beat of your Identity Provider

Automated user provisioning and group management from your cloud IdP.

Managing thousands of users manually is just inhumane and insecure. Automate user management from onboarding to offboarding in addition to your single sign-on solution.

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User Sync Features

Synchronize with any Identity Provider

Synchronize with any identity provider

Out-of-the-box configurations for Okta, Entra (Azure AD), Google G Suite, Keycloak & OneLogin

Automatically create and update users

Provision & deprovision users effortlessly with the most up to date information

Flexible, automatic user provisioning
Update group memberships

Update group memberships

Avoid chaos and retain control of your Atlassian group management deciding exactly how groups will be updated and what information will be removed or kept.

Attribute mapping and transformation

No matter how the Identity Provider sends user attributes and groups, we can match them to the Jira & Confluence User profiles

Map any attribute coming from the IdP
Expose all undetected connections to your Jira or Confluence API

Automatic user deactivation and reactivation

Streamline user and license management while keeping your Atlassian applications secure.

Synchronization History

Status of former syncs & downloadable detailed per-user-results as JSON

Presets by Identity Provider

Preloaded IdP-specific connector settings to streamline API connectivity and map attributes in a few clicks.

Schedule Synchronizations
(or Update Manually)

Using cron expressions you can schedule update to run periodically for example, every weekend.

Select between multiple identity providers

Decide how your users will be redirected to their relevant Identity Provider.

Select between multiple Identity Providers
Admin-friendly interface

Admin-friendly interface

Developed with a community of 7,000+ Atlassian administrators.