Sync to the beat of your Identity Provider

Managing thousands of users manually is just inhumane and insecure. Automate user management from onboarding to offboarding in addition to your single sign-on solution.

Sync to the beat of your Identity Provider

Getting Started with User Sync

User Sync Addon Overview

Synchronize users and groups from cloud identity providers and other user databases.

Fixes and Tutorials

Setup guides of the Identity Providers we support.

User Migrations

Create an Excel Connector to export users from a directory and import them into another without breaking references. Works for any IdP.

Video Overview

  • user sync User Sync
  • LDAP to Azure AD
  • one logo Sync OneLogin
  • Add User Info
  • Troubleshooting

With User Sync, you can synchronize your company’s user database with your Atlassian environment. It saves time and avoids mistakes.  

How can I migrate LDAP to AzureAD and rename Atlassian users using User Sync?

Is it possible to use the Confluence User Sync feature to pull in all users from OneLogin?

We have more info about the Atlassian user in Azure AD, can we sync this with our User Sync plugin?

Why does my sync with User Sync partially fail?

Synchronization use cases
Automated User Management in Jira

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Breaking Your LDAP Sync

The security gaps in LDAP Sooner or later, your organisation may make the move to AWS or other third party...

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User Sync Decision Tree

Do you need to synchronize your users? What are your options? Follow the decision tree depending on your identity infrastructure.

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