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SAML Single Sign-On

SAML Single Sign On

Authenticate like
the Fortune 500

The leading Atlassian app to seamlessly authenticate, provision, and deprovision users into Data Center

Ensure secure access to Atlassian Server or Data Center apps from wherever your users are working. SAML SSO is designed for enterprise user management and scalability. 

Single Sign On authenticate like the fortune 500

SAML Single Sign-On Features

Synchronize with any Identity Provider

Authenticate against any identity provider

Out-of-the-box configurations for all IdPs: Okta, Entra (formerly Azure AD), AD FS, OneLogin, Google Cloud Identity, PingOne, and many more.

Flexible, automatic user provisioning

Provision & deprovision users effortlessly

Flexible, automatic user provisioning
Expose all undetected connections to your Jira or Confluence API

Automatic user deactivation and reactivation

Save on unnecessary licenses and keep your Atlassian applications secure.

Absolutely marvelous. Best implementation for SSO for any application. EVER.

Map any attribute coming from the IdP

No matter how the IdP sends the information, we can match it to the Atlassian application.

Map any attribute coming from the IdP
Update group memberships

Customize your own access management automations

Define how to create and sync group-based permissions to grant the right access to every user.

“…, I also want to commend your product for being the single best SSO product I’ve ever worked with. I've integrated over 70 3rd party applications with SAML SSO in the last year and this add-on has been really amazing to work with. Seriously, great job!”


Comply with security laws and regulations with customizable signing.


Customize your user facing pages (error pages, IdP selection, logged in page template…).

Mobile App supported

Ensure a full SSO experience on the Atlassian mobile apps.


Automate your user management configuration.

Custom URLs

Decide when your SSO kicks in with force SSO URLs / non - SSO URLs.

no SSO option

Have full control on when to bypass SSO (temporary users, admins, or automations)

Select between multiple identity providers

Decide how your users will be redirected to their relevant Identity Provider.

Select between multiple Identity Providers
Admin-friendly interface

Admin-friendly interface

Developed with a community of 7,000+ Atlassian administrators.