resolution is a member of Atlassian's Platinum Top Vendor program and the first Data Center Approved SSO app. 
Our Apps 
SAML Single Sign-On
Enabling organizations to focus on work, and not passwords. With a powerful feature set you can delegate authentication to SAML 2.0 identity providers 
User Sync
Provisioning Made Easy. User Sync automatically synchronizes with cloud providers and customer specific directories. 
API Token Authentication
Increase security for data connections from third-party apps with an API Key/Token instead of username & password
User Deactivator
User Deactivator keeps your user directory clean of inactive users
Out of Office Assistant for Jira Cloud
 Automatically inform your colleagues if they have assigned you an issue in your absence and pre-select a reassignee/coverer for all or specific projects.
Language Translations for Jira Service Desk
Unleash language limitations in your Jira Service Desk. With automatic language detection and translation, improve the productivity and efficiency of your agents.
Redirects and Vanity URLs for Confluence
Enables your teams  to create Confluence URLs which are memorable.

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