Making use of Google Translate for Jira

A step-by-step guide on how to install
Google Translate for Jira
Google Translate for Jira

The whole world has been introduced to a new era of remote working, forcing us to adapt to not only how we do our work, but also to how we use technology in order to perform our day-to-day tasks and communicate with our teams.

Working remotely opened a whole new world of connecting with people around the globe, making translation automation a key element in communication to understand one another.

Today we make use of machine translation software to overcome the language barrier in the workplace. Google Translate for business can assist in bridging the language gap. Paired with Jira from Atlassian, it makes for an easy automated process of comment translation.

With Google Translate for Jira, you are now able to overcome the language barrier directly within your Jira issues, without having to navigate to a new tab to open Google Translate. 

How to install and use  Google Translate for Jira

Step One

From the drop-down menu, select which instance you want to install the Google Translate for Jira App on.

Step Two

Under the “Apps” section on the left sidebar menu, click on the Google Translate for Jira App name in order to start the access permissions process.

Step Three

Grant the Google Translate for Jira App access to your Jira account, and click accept to move to the next step.

Step Four

Set up your preferred project language settings:

Step Five

Navigate to the desired issue, find the Google Translate App icon at the top bar, and start translating with a click.
By clicking on the “Comment translations” tab, you can translate all existing comments to your preferred language.

Language Translation Landing Page

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If you are struggling or want to know more about the Google Translate for Jira App, you can schedule time with us directly and we will show you how we can change the way you communicate.

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Google Translate for JSM

We have more than just Google Translate for Jira, we also offer Google Translate for JSM which will automatically translate your Jira Service Management tickets, so that you do not have to struggle with any form of language barriers.

Eliminate communication barriers with your customers, get Google Translation for JSM.


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