On the fly multi-lingual support

Eliminate communication barriers with your customers. No matter where they are. No matter what they speak. Multilingual

Google Translate for JSM Features

Bilingual mode

Translate every message between agents and customers and display the original text alongside its translation.

Invisible mode

Optionally choose when to translate agents’ responses to customers.

Configurable service desk languages

Translate customer messages to the project default language

… Now we don't need to go outside Jira Service Desk when we receive a ticket in a different language than English ...

Nikola Zavadska

Project settings

Enable translations for select projects. Tweak every setting later.

Build language-based queues

Create queues based on the language(s) spoken by customers

JQL Searches based on languages

Build powerful reporting based on regions and languages to spot trends and better understand your global customer base

Sentiment Analysis

We detect your customer´s sentiment when they raise an issue and in their most recent interaction. Use these insights to escalate critical tickets or measure the quality of your support. (experimental)

Tags with most used keywords / phrases

Extract the meaning of your tickets and store them as tags to make them easier to navigate. (experimental)

Automate assignments

Add automation rules using the Customer Language custom field.
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