• Isaiah Pegues

Introducing: Out of Office for Jira Cloud

Updated: May 13

Ok you've got your plane tickets, hotel reservations, your selfie stick and everything is good to go.

Only one thing left to do: set your email out-of-office auto-reply message and and post an envy-inducing Facebook status .

"I am on annual leave until [DD/MM/YYYY]. I will allow each sender one email, and if you send me multiple emails, I will randomly delete your emails until there is only one remaining. Choose wisely. Please note that you already sent me one email"

1. Email: ✅

2. Slack: 🌴

2. Jira: ❓❓

Jira is an amazing tool but in distributed teams with fewer email conversations, it is hard to communicate and remember which teammate is on vacation or sick.

So instead of solving an issue, you assign a ticket to Hans, your back-end guy, who is based in Berlin, but is now beachside in Croatia for the next fortnight.

Jira is supposed to bring efficiency to your teams, even when Hans is having some well deserved R&R.

That's why we developed Out Of Office Assistant for Jira Cloud.

This Jira Cloud plugin supports you in avoiding these problems and serving your customers better. You can:

  1. Define a start/end date of your leave

  2. Choose applicable projects or 'All Projects' and pre-select a colleague to cover

  3. Write tailored responses for each project.

  4. Bonus: handover is done in seconds.

Click here to get started now.


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