Shine light on your Jira and Confluence APIs​

Don’t you want to know what’s hiding under the radar? Replace user passwords with personal access tokens to unveil shadow IT connections into your Atlassian APIs. Diminish the risk of disclosing sensitive information.


API Token Authentication Features

Take control of your API

Create & revoke API Tokens

Take control of your API!

Replace basic authentication with unique API tokens per user & service.

Group-based permissions

Advanced permissions to define which users can use and create tokens. Includes the option to delegate token creation to admins.

Advanced permissions to define which users can use and create tokens
The firewall for your API connections

API Security Features

The firewall for your API connections. Define detailed authorizations per token to increase your security level.

Works as expected. Plugin REST API is good to have. Support team is very responsive and open to feature requests…

Mike Wise

Token Manager

Have complete visibility over API connections, and monitor what third-party apps are interacting with Jira and Confluence.

Have complete visibility over API connections
Expose all undetected connections to your Jira or Confluence API

Shadow IT Functions

Build a robust process for API utilization.

Expose all undetected connections to your Jira or Confluence API.

Really like how transparently this works with Jira. This can be used with tools such as VSCode because you simply substitute your password with your token…

David Yu


Comply with security laws and regulations with customizable signing.


Customize your user facing pages (error pages, IdP selection, logged in page template…).

Mobile App supported

Ensure a full SSO experience on the Atlassian mobile apps.


Automate your user management configuration.

Custom URLs

Decide when your SSO kicks in with force SSO URLs / non - SSO URLs.

no SSO option

Have full control on when to bypass SSO (temporary users, admins, or automations)

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