Shine light on your Jira and Confluence APIs​

Don’t you want to know what’s hiding under the radar? Replace user passwords with personal access tokens to unveil shadow IT connections into your Atlassian APIs. Diminish the risk of disclosing sensitive information.

Replace user passwords with personal access tokens

API Token Authentication Product Guide

Get Started with API Token Authentication

Install and Manage API Token Authentication

Administrators can adjust the app settings in the corresponding management section.

Create API Tokens

Users can manage their tokens by clicking on the profile icon and selecting the API Token Authentication link.

Sample API calls

Use examples of API calls with authentication tokens in a number of programming languages and using third-party services like Zapier or ServiceNow.

Resolution API Token vs. Atlassian API Token

Resolution API Token
Atlassian API Token
Read-only and Read-Write Token scopes
Easy configuration changes
Restrict API by IP address/ range
Revoke API tokens of other users
Only for DC
Create API tokens for other users
Header / Value Restrictions for tokens
Basic and Bearer Authentication
Only Bearer
Enforce OpenPGP Encryption
Token permissions granular control
Notification for tokens expiring soon
Only with Script runner
Request Rate limit
Expired token automatic deletion
Restrict auth to specific cluster nodes
API tokens browser
Audit Log
Only for DC

Video Overview

Increase security for REST API data connections for Jira & Confluence with API tokens instead of username & password.

Play Video about api token authentication

There are multiple scenarios where API Token Authentication provides benefits. Learn here more about the plugin.

Play Video about Value API Token

In this tutorial, we will show you our API Token Authentication app, which brings the API concept to Jira and Confluence.

Play Video about api token setup