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Google Analytics for Confluence Goes Premium!

September 2022

The premium version of Google Analytics for Confluence is a huge success!

Packed with unique features, including new metrics, multi-level reports within Confluence, and compatibility with GA4, the apps offer you everything to unlock all your analytical potential and understand your Confluence users’ behavior. 

The app’s free version stopped working on the 15th of September, 2022.

To continue using the app and enjoying the great new features, please upgrade the app!

If you need help or have any doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or contact our support team.


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Legacy vs. New Version of Embed Google Analytics

Legacy Version
New Version
Hosting Options
GA4 Compatible
GA4 Compatible:
Generate your measurement protocol API secret directly on the app
Technical support
Create custom dimensions directly on the app
Google Analytics Reports in Confluence: Instance, Spaces, Pages
Simple, non-technical setup
Print reports directly in the app
Export reports to PDF in the app
Compatible with older versions of Google Analytics
Group permissions for viewing reports
High privacy standards
Timespan selection of data
Configure app settings on dashboard page
Individual “in page” reporting
Tracks Confluence webhooks
Views, viewers, edits, creates, and comments