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Issue Translation for Jira

Overcome the language barrier in the workspace

Be more proficient by achieving better communication within Jira. Eliminate all language obstacles, and allow users to be more confident in the way they communicate.

Let Jira users read and write in their favorite language

Issue Translation for Jira Overview


Read and write in your
most preferred language

Users will feel more confident in the way they communicate on Jira, by allowing them to not only write Jira tasks in their language of choice but also read any Jira task in their preferred language.
Clicking “Translate” will translate all of the content from the original language, to the user’s preferred language.


Precise communication

Bridge the language gap

Enhance employee satisfaction and increase productivity with processes that break down language barriers, be more precise and make it easy for your employees to focus on their core activities.

Increased Agent Productivity

Save time

Immediate translation in Jira

Stop trying to translate foreign content by navigating to another tab, Issue Translation for Jira is powered by Google Translate and will deliver instant translations, saving you time and allowing for efficient communication in Jira.     

Global talent

Go International and
build a global team

Why limit yourself to users who speak the same language as you?
Take your talent acquisition to new heights by going International; build the best team, and don’t worry about language as Issue Translation for Jira will automatically deliver on communication.