Issue Translation for Jira

Internal Translations in Jira

For companies with no shared business language…

or with too many of them

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Use Jira in the language you prefer

Write tasks and comments in your preferred language – then post an automatic translation.

Or simply read issue content in the translation of your choice.



Bridge the language gap

Make non-natives more comfortable and productive by allowing them to use their mother tongue.
Comment Translation Jira Overview decor images
Comment Translation Jira Overview decor image

Save time


Consume translations in milliseconds with the click of a button. No prompting or accessing external apps.

Global talent

Build a global team

Why limit yourself to users who speak the same language as you? Issue Translation for Jira will automatically deliver on communication.
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Immediate translation

Can’t read the original issue that well?

Et voilà!

Translation Editor

For users who don’t have a blind trust on AI and prefer to be in full control of what they write:

Double view

See original and translation side by side.

… Now we don't need to go outside Jira Service Desk when we receive a ticket in a different language than English ...

Get started with Issue Translation for Jira

Enable translations
in your Jira

Set a default project language and go!



Work in your preferred language

Create Jira issues in your language… or simply read Jira in your mother tongue.

Translations in real-life scenarios

Issue Translation for Jira provides seamless translations inside Jira tickets. Learn how this app can help your team with specific use cases.