Out-of-Office rules aren’t just for Email.

Most of your work is managed in Jira, so why would you only setup an OOO rule for email? Empower your team to take control, setup rules, and stay productive even when someone is absent.

Out of Office stay productive even when someone is absent

guilt-free vacations

Reassign Issues

Feeling confident about taking time off is a few clicks away.

Setup your Jira (ooo) rules, let your colleagues cover your back, and enjoy your vacation.


User Administration Interface

Absences aren’t unavoidable bottlenecks

Project managers & admins need to be well prepared for team absences.

Make sure sufficient resources are allocated to all projects with no interruption.

Rule Analytics

Restart with Clarity

Do you want to come back from vacation feeling confident?

Rule analytics give you a snapshot of who, what and when issues were reassigned, so you’re ready to pick up right where you left off.

In Issue & Dashboard View

Everyone’s in the loop

Notifications keeps you informed, the dashboard keeps you in control, and everyone, from the absentee to the admin to even the coverer, has access to all the relevant details.

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