How to Display Both the SSO and No SSO Options

How to Display Both the SSO and No SSO Options

Can you give users the option to login with their local password or with SSO? The short answer is yes.

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There are a number of legitimate reasons why you may want to allow some users to log into Jira or Confluence with their name and password instead of using the single sign on. In admin talk, that’s doing no sso logins.

Some companies want their employees to log with SSO, while their customers log with username and password.

Some other companies want consultants or administrators to still use their credentials.

Or there may be technical debt preventing them from extending SSO to every user, even if it’s temporarily.

Whatever the motivation, if you’re using one of our single sign-on apps for Atlassian Server and Data Center applications, the answer to the question is clear.

YES, you can show both the SSO and the no SSO login options so users can choose how to authenticate.

Let’s have a quick look at how to set it up with any of resolution’s SAML SSO apps for Atlassian products.

How to display the sso and the no sso login options in the same login screen

Step 1: Select the IdP selection page method

IdP Selection Settings: Selection Method
  • In your Atlassian app, go to Admin Settings > User Management > SAML Single Sign On > IdP Selection
  • In the Idp Selection method dropdown Select IdP selection page.

Independently of your IdP setup, the IdP selection page will include the default login with credentials and will look something like this:

The Page template to select an Identity Provider includes by default a no sso option
The Page template to select an Identity Provider includes by default a no sso option

Check out the full documentation here: How Can I Use Multiple Identity Providers

Step 2: Customize your setup

Ok, what you have now is probably not a masterpiece of web design.

However, you can make it look pretty with a bit of additional work on your end. If you customize the page HTML, you can add graphics, align it to your brand colors and provide additional instructions and guidance in case your users don’t always know what’s the right option for them.

To adapt your selection page, simply:

  • go to the Page Templates section in the app settings
  • edit the html in the IdP Selection Page Template (first frame)

Looking for inspo? Here’s an example of what MongoDB has done:

About the Chatbox Use Cases

One of the reasons our SAML SSO apps are the best-selling in their category is that they are extremely flexible. If you have a rare set of requirements, it’s hardly unlikely we haven’t heard of something similar in the past and built some settings around it.

In this new section of the re:solution blog we will go over some of those harder to find settings or not-that-obvious use cases. Sometimes there will be a lot of documentation around them in our wiki. Sometimes there might even be a specific tutorial that deserves some more visibility. Some other times we will not have a lot of docu yet.

In each and every case, behind the article there will be a real customer making a question to our support team through our live chat. If a customer’s having problems figuring this out, there’s a good chance that we can help others in their implementation journey – even with simple tutorials.

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