• Julie Gums

Prepare for a Jira-Free Eastern Holiday

Updated: May 26

Easter is right around the corner. You’re looking forward to spending time with your loved ones. The Easter eggs are already painted, the yeast plait baked and the wood prepared for an Easter fire. Before hiding the chocolate eggs, you have one last thing to do… create an absence note for colleagues and projects in Jira, but how?

Many companies, like Marc O’Polo, a global fashion company, use Jira and Confluence as key tools for their digital strategy. The goal is to optimize cross-team and cross-functional collaboration.

There’s a problem though, calendars across-teams and functions are not synchronized. For Jira you are always available.

The scenarios below can easily happen during the holidays.

Out of Office Assistant prevents these unnecessary scenarios. It brings these important and additional features to your Jira Cloud. Marc O'Polo employees and teams organize their planned and unplanned absences with the Out of Office Assistant.

Isn’t that just what you need for a holiday break?

Try it for free.


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