SAML Single Sign-On Guides and Tutorials

Everything you need to know about buying, configuring and using SAML SSO

SAML Single Sign-On Product Guide

Getting Started with SAML Single Sign-On

Setup guides for SAML SSO

You will find all Setup guides of the Identity Providers we are supporting.

Knowledgebase Articles

You will find knowledgebase articles to the following topics:

  • Basics
  • Licensing and Pricing
  • Technical

User Provisioning Overview

You will find the following Guides for User Provisioning:

  • Provisioning with User Sync
  • JIT – Just-In-Time Provisioning
  • Manual User Provisioning
  • LDAP User Provisioning

Data Center SAML SSO
resolution vs. Atlassian

What are the differences?
Click on any of the features to see an extended comparison between the UI of both products.

resolution SAML SSO
Atlassian Data Center SSO
Configure via metadata
Setup Multiple Identity Providers (IdP)

Identity Provider Tutorials

  • Microsoft_ADFS_Icon Microsoft AD FS
  • Okta Icon Okta
  • Azure Azure AD
  • Google_Cloud Google Cloud Identiy
    (G Suite)
  • one logo OneLogin

This demo shows how to setup Atlassian Jira with Microsoft AD FS via our SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin.

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This video shows how to set up Atlassian Jira with OKTA via our SAML Single Sign-On plugin:  authenticate against OKTA and provision OKTA users and group assignments Just-In-Time.

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This video tutorial shows how to configure SAML Single Sign-On with Azure AD using Just-in-Time Provisioning for Atlassian Apps.

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This video tutorial shows how to setup Atlassian Jira in Google Cloud Identity with Just-In-Time (JiT)  provisioning via our SAML Single Sign-On plugin, including the SAML SSO configuration and the transformation of user IDs.

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This video tutorial shows how to setup Atlassian Jira with OneLogin via our SAML Single Sign-On plugin using Just-In-Time (JiT)  provisioning to create and update users and group memberships.

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