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Advancing User Provisioning and Group Management with SAML SSO

Collecting insights drawn from real customer conversations and in-app analytics, taking you from good to exceptional

Explore often-overlooked, powerful SAML SSO app features to gain a competitive edge and address enterprise customer needs.

Product Owner Daniel will reveal roadmap insights, discuss group management, user provisioning and announce exciting future developments.

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate how much heavy lifting these scripts do, but our team is only 2 people, and we manage 6 prod instances completely end-to-end (Tier 1-4) for ~5000 users. You enable a tiny team to deliver big things.


Daniel Reimer

Daniel has held diverse IT positions throughout his career. He began as a network and security engineer, steadily progressing into a management role, where he efficiently oversaw an international Support Center with multiple network vendors.
Transitioning into the software domain, he is currently serving as a dedicated Product Owner for the SAML SSO apps.

Daniel collaborates closely with the development team and actively provides technical support to SAML SSO customers. By doing so, he gains invaluable firsthand insights directly from customers, which he then channels as feedback to the app development team. This approach contributes to the continuous improvement of the SAML SSO applications.

Daniel Reimer

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