Every license counts

Your budget is already stretched too thin, and it may only take one inactive user to overrun your current tier. Keep only the users who are actually accessing your Atlassian applications. Pay for what you truly need.

User Deactivator Keep only the users who are actually accessing your Atlassian applications

User Deactivator Product Guide

Getting Started with User Deactivator

Run User Deactivator

Complete overview of User Deactivator for Atlassian Admins, including bulk operations, User Browser, and Automatic Deactivations.

Install and upgrade Guide

Go over the installation, upgrade, disable, and uninstallation process of the User Deactivator app.

What’s the best user browser?

Comparison matrix between the user browsers in User Deactivator, Crowd, Jira, and Confluence.

Video Overview

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User Deactivator helps you keep your user directory clean of inactive users! Don’t buy unnecessary upgrades. 

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