Day: May 13, 2019

Breaking Your LDAP Sync

The security gaps in LDAP Sooner or later, your organisation may make the move to AWS or other third party hosting. Aside from the obvious savings in operational expenditure, elasticity and flexibility of operations, the scalability of computing resources are

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6 Great Ways to Automate Your Jira Cloud

Automations help optimize processes and workflows that would otherwise take a lot of time and...

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How to insert PDF files in Confluence that actually look good

Inserting PDF files is a common action in Confluence. The native capabilities are limited, but...

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Out of Office Rules for Next-Gen Projects

Teams don't need an admin anymore to decide who will be covering for a colleague...

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Why still pay for Data Center SSO? Curated FAQs from over a dozen trainings

Over the last two months, our Co-CEO Christian Reichert went on a virtual tour to...

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